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After more than fifteen years of experience in the baking industry which was spent in France, Asia and Africa, we, Roseline and Thomas decided to migrate to Ontario in 2017 and share our passion for baking.

In February 2019, we established Dulcinée’s Bakery Inc and took over the operation of Beverley’s Bakers a renowned company which has been baking an icon of Canadian cuisine the famous butter Tart, since 1976 in Stouffville, Ontario.

Our vision for Dulcinée’s Bakery is a mix of specialty French and Canadian-inspired baked goods and desserts, that reflect our moto: Passion, Emotion and Pleasure.

Lemon meringue tart

Our Vision

As wholesale bakery, we take pride in being the preferred source of supply for tarts, pies, savoury tarts, brownies or chocolate lava cake. By partnering with us bakery, café, restaurant and hospitality business can rely on our expertise to supply them a wide range of delicious tarts.

Quality our passion! Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and freshness means that we source the finest ingredients, ensuring the exceptional taste and presentation of our products. With our efficient supply chain, our customers can count on us to consistently provide them with the tarts or cakes they need to delight their customers. Whether it’s classic fruit tarts, rich chocolate variations, or unique flavor combinations, our diverse selection is designed to meet the demands of any culinary establishment. Trust us to be your trusted source of tart, pie, brownies, chocolate lava cake or quiche enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences to your patrons.

No additives, No artificial colour or flavor and No preservatives are used!

Our Products

“The Original Homestyle Butter Tart”: Plain, Raisin, Pecan, Walnut, Maple Walnut, Pecan Chocolate Drizzle, Double Chocolate…

A piece of French Tradition: Apple tart, Almond (Frangipane) Tart, Lemon tart, Chocolate Tart, Flan (Egg) Tart

Shortcrust dough filled with a variety of garnishing: Ham & Cheese, Ham & Leek, , Onion & Mushroom, tomato & goat cheese…

Crips shortcrust pastry filled with fruit mix and oatmeal crumble topping

Traditional Brownie made with eggs which gives an incredible soft texture. Our brownies can be filled with different spreads

The Chocolate Lava Cake captivates with its rich, velvety center and decadent allure.

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