Who we are?


After more than fifteen years of experience in the baking industry which was spent in France, Asia and
Africa, we, Roseline and Thomas decided to migrate to Ontario in 2017 and share our passion for baking.

In February 2019, we established Dulcinée’s Bakery Inc and took over the operation of Beverley’s Bakers a renowned company which has been baking an icon of Canadian cuisine the famous butter Tart, since
1976 in Stouffville, Ontario.

Our vision for Dulcinée’s Bakery is a mix of specialty French and Canadian-inspired baked goods and desserts, that reflect our moto: Passion, Emotion and Pleasure.

At Dulcinée’s Bakery, we aim to share emotions through our range of tarts, pies, brownies, chocolate lava cakes, and savoury tarts or quiches. Indeed, we consider bakery and pastry to be poetry where only passion can allow us to transcend ourselves in order to bake the best products which mingle delicious flavours, like chocolate, caramel, and almond, as well as fresh aromas of fruits and spices and different textures like softness, crunchiness, frothing and smoothness.

Our range of products has been created by our Head Chefs Roseline, who was influenced by French
Celebrated Chefs and inspired from many trips and meetings made around the Globe.
Every day, Roseline with the Dulcinée’s Bakery Team meticulously bake the traditional and unique Beverley’s butter tarts and other delicious tarts, cakes and quiches while always paying great attention to the important details like taste and textures. She never compromises quality and always provides clients with products that they will be proud to serve at their own tables, bakery shop and stores…

We have created a wide range of rustic tarts and quiches which will surprise you by its variety of flavours and an impressive crunchy shortcrust pastry which is made in two version with 100% butter or shortening.

We ensure the superior quality of our products through the use of fine Canadian ingredients, adoption of rigorous food safety standards and automa􀀁on that will sa􀀁sfy the needs of our customers. Everything is made from scratch, we do cook and bake all ours doughs, fillings and garnishes (fruits and vegetables) in house.

In addition, we tailor our products to our customers by offering customized items and private labels, staying ahead of market and consumer trends.

From 2021 we have been certified SQF – level 2.

“The ORIGINAL Homemade Butter Tart”

Since 1976 We go back a ways! The Beverley’s Bakers story began over 40 years ago when Beverley Max perfected her butter tarts with premium, quality ingredients.

Canada’s Quintessential Dessert